Our story

Anne Blum is a typical eighties girl.

Passionate about pop culture, she has developed a true philosophy for her creative approach.

Both the quality and ethics of the shoes brand that bears her name are an integral part of each step of model development, from design to manufacturing.

But make no mistake, this is still the world of pop!

Anne Blum sees life as a game.

The designer wants women wearing her shoes to be comfortable everywhere, all over the world.

Wedge soles, which play a key role in the brand identity, enable all kinds of dreams and daring. In the different scenes conceived by Anne Blum, the woman belongs to all eras and is bound to none of them.

Thus, she is constantly thinking about the successful combination of discreet aesthetics with essential comfort, which she has fine-tuned over the years.

Her company offers a wide range of combinations to ensure a fruitful match. This is almost like falling for tailor-made items, affordable to a broad customer base. Models are produced in limited quantities and on a rational and sustainable basis.

"The icing on the cake" is that the brand is committed to a steadily growing eco-friendly approach.
Anne Blum is particularly mindful of materials provenance, vegetable tanning and chrome-free leather, the longevity of the shoes, manufacturing conditions, boxes recycling, etc.

Some models, such as the Malabar sandals and the Pooky boots, are international hits. However, Anne doesn't rest on her laurels–she constantly takes her design one step further. Imagining women wearing her latest collections inspires her every minute of the day.

For Anne Blum, life is a party, and this party is far from over...